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Welcome to Southern Snow

Southern Snow is our line of casual wear apparel and accessories.  If you have ever seen a field of cotton ready to be picked, it resembles a field blanketed in snow.  Since the southern regions of the South rarely receive the white precipitation, we call these fields our Southern Snow.

Cotton is such a vital part of our everyday lives; from providing clothing to jobs that stimulate the economy, we thought the cotton boll would be the perfect logo for our line of clothing and accessories.  Just so you know,
cotton fabric alone accounts for fully half of the fiber worn in the world.  The states that primarily cultivate cotton are located in the "Cotton Belt," which runs east and west and includes parts of  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, which alone produces nearly five million bales.  Business revenue generated by cotton today is approximately $122.4 billion—the greatest revenue of any United States crop.
                          Southern Snow Plow!!!
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